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4Runner Engine Computers

Toyota 4runner ecm failure and internal ecm malfunction is a very common problem. if your vehicle has been diagnosed as having a faulty engine computer we can save you a lot of valuable time and money. Do not go to the dealership unless you're ready to empty your bank account. They are ridiculously over priced. Some of these 4runner ecm's can cost up to $2000.00 so why bother with the dealer's parts department. Here at Ecm Outlet we offer a much less expensive alternative to the 4runner dealership/ (stealership). Our ecm prices are reasonable and usually 50 to 75% less than Toyota's. Here are some of4runner 2002 the prices for remanufactured 4runner ecm's. 1999 4runner ecu $425.00 , 2000 4runner 445.00, 2001 ecu $475.00, 2002 4runner engine computer $475.00. These prices are based on the 4 runner oem part number. To get an exact quote call 1-313-462-0124 and one of our ecm technicians will assist you. Please have your part number ready before placing an order. The number is located on the bar code sticker of the ecm and will be similar to this 4runner number 89666-35590 or it may start with 89666-35580.

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The 4runner electrical system comprises 4 subsystems. In the starting system
the battery provides the initial power to start the engine. Once the engine
is running the 4runner ecm controls the fuel injection. Then the charging system
takes over generating power for the 4runner engine computer. In the ignitionecm
system high voltage current flows from the distributor to the spark plugs where the ecm sends a signal to the computer to keep the injectors firing properly and avoiding a potential misfire. Rough idle, misfire, no injector pulse, stalling and no start can all be telltale signs of an ecm problem.

The Ecm

Some of the most common electrical issues such as rough idle, misfiring and engine stalling can be traced to the ecm 89666-35590 or the other part number 89666-35580. When the 4runner ecu fails all types of problems can occur. If your vehicle has been diagnosed with an ecm failure or the scanner is throwing any of these trouble codes: c1201, p1135, p1652, p0441, p0446, p1652, p1656, it should be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to other components in your vehicle. Ecm Outlet offers remanufactured and used engine computers at a fraction of Toyota's price. We offer a much more cost effective solution to fixing your defective 4 runner ecm. Call us to order.