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Caravan Ecm

Caravan ecm and engine computers for sale starting at $199.00. All of our rebuilt ecm's are complete and include a 2 year warranty for all Caravan, Town and country and Grand caravan models. Use this contact form to get a free estimate.ecm

A rebuilt and reflashed caravan or town and country ecm will perform just like a new engine computer that you would purchase from the Chrysler dealer. As far as diagnostics are concerned there are also special Caravan, Town and Country testers that plug into the ecm diagnostic connector to allow you to read the trouble codes as a two digit OBD 2 display. These caravan ecm testers also allow you to monitor most engine computer sensors and switches while the car is running or being driven.

Caravan Misfire

The presence or absence of trouble codes
doesn't always mean there's a problem or the
engine computer is alright. Sometimes false trouble codes can be triggered by certain types of service work, noise in the caravan electrical system, or even using the wrong startingecm procedure. The presence of an obd2 ecm trouble code, this doesn't necessarily mean there is a real problem in the caravan ecm. On the other hand, just because there are no trouble codes stored in the ecm memory
doesn't mean everything is working perfectly
either. As mentioned earlier, the caravan engine computer self-diagnostics are designed to catch gross ecm malfunctions. It won't catch things like a misadjusted throttle position sensor, a borderline oxygen sensor, or an incorrect altitude sensor. Nor can it detect problems "outside" the electronic circuitry of the ecm such as a faulty engine computer fuel injector,misadjusted carburetor, etc.
When a trouble code is detected, the recommended procedure is to read out the code, write it down then clear the caravan's memory by pulling the computer's fuse or disconnecting the battery ground ecm cable with the key off.


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