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Eclipse Ecm

If your Eclipse ecm computer has failed then we may be able to eclipse ecm offer a rebuilt ecm at a fraction of what your local dealer charges. To get a free quote sent to yor email address simply use this eclipse ecm order form. Or if you would rather speak with one of our technicians directly call us at 1-313-462-0124. We specialize in Eclipse engine ecm repair so chances are we can either replace your bad ecm or repair the damaged unit.


To repair an Eclipse Ecm, you first have to identify the computer that failed. It should be obvious, but sometimes you can be fooled if the ecm appears to be in good condition. And the engine codes are correct A eclipse_ecutrouble light, a scanner tool, and a careful visual examination can help pinpoint the exact eclipse ecm malfunction. Once you've found the problem, try tightening the bolts around it to see if that will fix a bad eclipse circuit. This often works on Eclipse , ecm and eclipse computers, Be careful not to over tighten the bolts because the stamped metal boards on these parts can easily be deformed. Once this happens, the vehicle immediately shuts down and will require a system flash.


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We offer this service as a free tool to assist you in identifying your eclipse computer.