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Browse our Galant computer catalog then select your ecu and you'll be suprised to see how much you can save. All of our Galant computers are made by the Galant manufacturer and they're guaranteed to be an OEM rebuilt or used ecu. We sell used galant parts and we offer replacement rebuilt ecu's for all cars and trucks. Repair your bad Galant computer and save.

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Remember to ask about the discount galant ecu deals we offer to collision repair centers, salvage yards and insurance companies.



Galant ecu replacement. Repair your defective galant ecu without paying expensive Dealership prices. We have all types of ecu auto computers for sale and we specialize inGalant ecu galant ecu electronics. All of our parts are identical to what you'll find at your local Galant dealership. The only difference is the ecu price. We can beat the Galant dealer's list price by 40-70 %. Click the galant images to get a price quote. Repair your bad auto ecu computer with a used or new OEM replacement rebuilt ecu, and save big.


Galant Ecu

If your ecu is bad then you probably have a Galant misfire or a fault code that is related to the injector wiring. Sometimes you may not be able to properly diagnose the ecu so its best to have it tested by a professional. Send us this online Galant ecu form to get started.


We will test your galant computer at no charge and you don't pay for our work untill we've properly fixed your engine computer.

MD304089 E2T60687,STOCK NO. #CP4876 REBUILT MD304089 2 YR WARRANTY Galant 1997 77K, MD304089,STOCK NO. #59014 1995 Galant airbag ID MD304089,TESTED 1996 Galant Ele Cont Unit (ECU), (ctr dash), SOHC- 1994 Galant electronic control unit