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Lexus ecm replacement and repair can be expensive and frustrating to the average consumer. Here at Ecm Outlet weecu rx300 offer a cheaper alternative to the Lexus dealer. We offer the same OEM computers, key transponders and flash programming for all Lexus engine ecu's. Our engine control modules (ecm's) are waranteed for 5 years and all of our computers are tested and guaranteed to work. So basically the only difference between us and the "stealership" is the price. To get instant pricing and availibility for a Lexus ecu select the model of your vehicle from the images below. Our experienced technicians are available Monday - Friday 9-5 Eastern time. They can answer any questions you may have about Lexus ecu repair. Call us at 1-313-462-0124




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Lexus LS400

ls400 ecm

1997 1998 1999
lexus ecm
Ecm flash

Order a Lexus Ls400 ecm for $575 Free programming and Flash services available for all LS400 engine ecm computers. Part numbers 89661-50501, 89661-50531, 89661-50530, 89661-50142, 89661-50502. To place an order call us with your OEM part number.



ES300 Ecm

es300 ecm

Es300 remanufactured engine control unit. Order online or call us at 313-462-0124. All of our ES300 ecm's are quality OEM Toyota parts. 2002 es300 ecm part number 89661-33253, 89661-33251, 89661-33250, Call for pricing and availability.


Remanufactured Ecu 89661-33253


RX300 Ecu

rx300 ecu

Program transponder keys and immobilizer ecm computers. No need to go to the Lexus dealer we can replace your rx300 ecm and program it to match your current key. This will save you about 50% off dealers list price. Rx300 part numbers 2002 lexus 89661-48320, 89661-48062, 89661-48131, 89661-48310, 2003 Front wheel drive and all wheel drive Lexus ecm replacement.

Place an ecm order by phone by calling 313-462-0124 or click here Rx300 ecu


SC400 Engine control Unit

sc400 ecm

Sc400 ecm prices and part numbers. Order a remanufactured sc400 ecm from one of the best suppliers in the country. Ecm Outlet has been rebuilding and repairing lexus engine control units for over ten years. Our prices are reasonable and our service is exceptional. 89661-50690, 89170-24020, 89661-24350, 89661-24410, 89661-24411, automatic and manual transmission sc400 rebuilt ecm and ecu computers.


ES330 Ecu Ecm

es330 engine control unit

Lexus auto computers can be programmed to match any key. Our technicians can program any es330 ecm to match any transponder key. The transponder key is married to the ecm. This means the vehicle ES330 will not start unless the key and the ecm communicate. The service we offer is a smart alternative to the dealer.We can flash any Lexus ecu and program all ES330 transponder keys. Part numbers 89661-33b31, 89661-33b30, 89661-33d90, 89661-33a40 ecm and ecu .



IS300 Auto Computer

is300 ecm

Is300 ecm repair services and Is300 ecu replacement for all years 2001, 2002, 2003 and many more. In order to purchase a new or remanufactured is300 ecm you will need your oem Lexus part number. Your part number should start with 89661 or 89666. This number is located on top of the is300 engine control unit. Here are a few of the most common to fail. 89661-53300, 89661-53301, 89661-53360.



GX470 Ecm Ecu

gx470 ecu



GS430 Engine Computer

gs430 ecm




LX470 Ecm

lx470 ecu repair




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