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Maxima Ecm

Maxima ecm and engine computers for sale starting at $285.00. All of our refurbished ecm's are guaranteedecu and include a 2 year warranty for all 2001 maxima, Sentra and Altima sport maxima models. Use this ecu order form to get a free quote and to match your oem part number.


A used or remanufactured maxima or altima ecm will perform just like a new engine computer that you would purchase from a Nissan dealership. And the prices we offer are much more reasonable than Nissan. As far as Obd 2ecm scans are concerned there are special maxima, altima testers that plug into the ecm diagnostic connector to allow you to read the Nissan trouble codes as a two digit OBD 2 display. These maxima ecm testers also allow you to monitor most engine computer sensors and ecu's while the vehicle is running or .

Maxima Idle IAC Valve

A few years ago a maxima ecm computer had only one job that was turning the primary Iac valve on and off. Now, it also actuates the starter motor, connects the alternator and accessories, locks the steering wheel, and sounds a buzzer if you leave the key in it. The
ecm is critical to the 2001 Maxima functioning properly.

As the functions of the iac valve became more complex, so too did its construction. On most ignition switches found in today's Maximas, you will find that there are five positions, each with a separate function: "accessories," "lock," "off," "on" or "run," and "start." The firstecu position, "accessories," allows you to operate various electrically operated components on the Maxima without supplying voltage to the car's ignition circuit 2001 ecu, which would not only drain the battery needlessly, but also could "burn up" the iac valve system. On most maxima cars, options such as electrically powered windows and seats can only be operated when the switch is in the "on" position for reasons of


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