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All of our mercedes engine computers are 50 to 75% less than the dealer. We offer the exact same service & quality as Mercedes but our prices are much more reasonable. Order a pre-programmed 2003 mercedes ecm and save. c240, ml320 ecm, s500, Bosch.

2003 Ecm
s500 ecu
clk320 ECM

Mercedes Ecm

A defective mercedes ecm can be replaced without spending a ridiculous amount of money at the MB dealership. Most consumers do not know this and unfortunately they spend between $2000.00 and $4000.00 for a brand new computer from Mercedes. At Ecm Outlet we offer an alternative option to repairing your ecm amg benz faulty engine computer. A remanufactured ecm is a much less expensive option and a smarter choice especially since all of our ecm's come with a five year warranty. You will not have to go to Mercedes! We can program your 2003 mercedes ecm so that your current transponder key will work with the new computer we provide. This means our replacement ecu will be be plug and play and ready to install. Call us to place an order 1-313-462-0124.

2004 Mercedes Computer program

How to tell if you have a defective mercedes ecm: If your Mercedes is not running on any cylinder. Faulty mercedes engine ecm. Misfiring. Number 2 or 3 Injector not firing correctly on 2003 S500 and clk430 ecm 1121536379. Mercedes will not start because of short in wiring harness. Low voltage, Battery can't not hold a charge. Failed mercedes c240 coils can permanently cause a bad ecm

mercedes c240 ecm has no communication with scan tool.


Mercedes part numbers
2003 Clk 320 2003 Clk 430

Mercedes part numbers
CLK320 0305455832 engine ecm
CLK320 1121530079

This ecm has been flashed and is ready to accept your transponder mercedes key. No dealer or special tools required.


Call us for an accurate price quote, 313-462-0124. Have your part number ready when placing an order.

CLK320 1121530779
CLK320 1121532679
CLK320 1121533579
CLK320 1121533779

2005 Mercedes 32 AMG
211 Type Electric control Module (ECM); E500, ident 1121534679






CLK430 0245457132
CLK430 0305455932
2003 CLK430 ecm 1131530079
CLK430 1131530479

Fully Programmed to your vehicles specifications.


In order to program this computer you will have to send us your original ecm. We have to read and transfer data from one ecm to the other. This is the only way to avoid the Mercedes dealer. Send your original mercedes ecm to

Ecm Outlet,

535 Griswold St Ste 111

Detroit MI 48226.

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2003 S500  



If your mercedes engine is equipped with an electronic ignition system, you may skip
this section because electronic ecm ignition systems have no distributor breaker points or condenser.


The ignition system, works by the opening and closing a switch in the ignition's primary
ecm circuit. This stops the primary current and develops secondary current in the ignition by induction. This induced secondary current is ultimately used to send a signal to the 1121534679 ecm to fire the spark plugs and to send out an injector pulse. While all components of the Mercedes auto computer system
are important and must be functioning properly for an efficiently running engine, the distributor breaker, or contact, points are perhaps the most vulnerable component in the engine computer system. The breaker points are located inside the distributor and are attached to the breaker plate by screws. Two wires are connected to the points. One is the ecm ground wire and the mercedes ecm is the ignitions primary other system. The breaker points are constructed of a low resistance metal, usually tungsten. Electrical current flows from the wire connection, through the movable arm of the points assembly, across the closed points to the stationary part of the assembly, and on to the ground to complete the ecm for the 1121534679 Mercedes

2003 mercedes ecm and repair is available call 313-462-0124

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