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Rebuilt ecm engine computers, Ecu repair.

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Find your part by browsing our engine computers then select your mirage ecm then you'll be suprised to see how much you can save. All of our engine computers are made by mitsubishi and they're guaranteed to be an OEM rebuilt or used ecm or ecu. We sell used and new mirage replacement rebuilt ecm's for all cars and trucks. Repair your bad ecm computer at ecmoutlet.com

Remember to ask about the discount mirage ecu deals we offer to collision repair centers, salvage yards and insurance companies.

If your not sure how to repair your ecm call us and speak to an ecu auto computer specialist. We can assist you even during your engine computer install.

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1999 engine computer for a mirage $192.55

Mirage ecm replacement. Repair your defective mirage ecm without paying expensive Dealership prices. We only sell ecu auto computers! This means we specialize in mirage parts and they are identical to what you'll find at your local Automotive dealership. The only difference is the ecu price. We can beat the dealer's list price by 40-70 %. Why shop Elsewhere? Click the mirage images to get a price quote. Repair your bad auto ecm computer with a used or new OEM replacement rebuilt ecm, and save big.

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Mirage auto parts and ecu repair/ replacement. Used rebuilt and new.

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