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If your Mitsubishi ecu has failed then we can rebuild it for a fraction of engine computerwhat most Mitsubishi dealerships will charge for a new one. We specialize in the diagnosis and repair of auto engine computers, transmission ecu's and a wide variety of other computers and electrical parts. Simply select your Mitsubishi from the menu below to get an online ecu quote.


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diamante ecu

Diamante Ecu 1992

3000 gt

3000 Gt 1993


Eclipse Ecu 1994


Galant Ecu 1995


Mirage 1996


Montero Ecu 1997


Ecu 1998

We repair all Mitsubishi Ecu engine computers starting at $175.00.


Most engine computer repairs can be made within 2 days. Free shipping on most orders.

Electronic Control Unit, ECU, 2.0L (4 Cyl), w/o turbo; (LH eng comp); AT


1991 Mitsubishi, 1992, 1993 and 1994 Eagle Talon Ecu rebuild

5269937 Talon Part Numbers And Price List
M04699064 Eclipse Part Number Ecu
M04887050 Automatic Transmission
M05269811 Manual Transmission
M05269813 Mitsubishi Ecu
M05269862 Ecu
M05269937 Gt
4699064 4 cylinder
4887050 6 cylinder
5269754 turbo
5269768 non turbo
5269789 misfire
5269811 Rebuilt
5269862 Mitsubishi


Servicing the ecu generally requires detailed service information with Mitsubishi specifications and test procedures. This kind of information can be found in a talon1996 to 1998 Eclipse or 1994 Diamante Mitsubishi repair manual. Unless you're a skilled mechanic with experience in Mitsubishi ecu diagnostics I would not attempt to troubleshoot or reset the electronic control unit. If however your ecu is producing a misfire or you're receiving fault codes leading you to believe the engine computer is bad then consult a qualified ecu expert.




Mitsubishi Ecu - Eclipse - Galant - Montero - Diamante - Mirage