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Rav4 transmission damage can be prevented. We offer replacement control units that will fix the hard shifting problem. All of our ecm computers are remanufactured and sold with a 3 year replacement warranty.


If your rav4 is hard shifting there is a good chance the culprit is the ecm and it should be replaced as soon as possible before the transmission is ruined. Call 313-462-0124 to order a replacement.

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Ecm And Trans Problems

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The transmission of your rav4 is probably its most complex system in terms of automotive mechanics. The rav4 ecm controls the transmission by sending a signal to the solenoids which in turn makes the transmission shift. So when the ecm fails, the transmission will start to shiftrav4 erratically. The most common problem with the rav4 ecm is that it causes a very hard shift between second gear and third gear. If the ecm is not repaired in a timely fashion and the vehicle continues to be driven, then your transmission will definately fail. Replacing a trans can cost as much as 3 to 4 thousand dollars. So it is extremely important to have the faulty control unit replaced as soon as possible. A good sign of a bad ecm is false solenoid codes P0750 P0753 P0755 P0758 and P1760. The good news is that we stock a large inventory of factory rav4 ecm units and we are much less expensive than the Toyota dealer. All part numbers are available including 89661-42812 and we offer overnight shipping to the U.S.A. Although, we do ship world wide. So international customers are welcome. We have a set price of $475.00. The ecm is $375.00 and we charge 100.00 to program the new unit to work with your vehicle. This will save you at least $800.00 compared to Toyota's list price. We do all of the programming on site so you will not have to go to tow your vehicle to an overpriced Toyota dealership. Some common part numbers for 2002 Rav4 ecu's are 89661-42812 and 89661-42822. Other part numbers for the year 2002 rav4 are 89661-42810 and 89661-42822. There are many others so these are just a few 2001 and 2002 rav4 part numbers with known defects that lead to transmission failure.



89661-42812 89661-42652 89661-42630
89661-42651 89661-42661 89661-42640
89661-42810 89661-42820 89661-42660
89661-42650 89661-42821 89661-42790
89661-42811 89661-42662 89661-42801
89661-42631 89661-42890 89661-42642
89661-42641 89661-42632 89661-42800
89661-42701 89661-42822 89661-42811



How The Rav4 Transmission Works

The automatic transmission enables your rav4 to move forward and backward at varying speeds, with maximum efficiency and minimum loss of power. In this sense, it is vitally connected to fuel consumption because the more power it takes to move the car, the more fuel it takes to provide that power. Transmission systems vary from a 4 wheel drive to a two wheel drive . There are manual transmissions part number 89661-42652 and 89661-42820 for which you supply part of the power by shifting the gears and operating the clutch yourself, and there are automatic transmissions, which do these jobs for you. The rav4 ecm is electronic and tells the solenoids when to shift. A hard shift between any gear is a sure sign of a bad rav4 ecm.

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False Solenoid Codes

Rav4 automatic transmissions are difficult to explain, My attempts to fully understand the secrets of automatic transmission problems have been mind boggling, and since the idea of ever rebuilding the Fujitsu board yourself is unthinkable, except for maybe electrical engineers who specialize in automatic rav4 transmissions. A good way to determine if your control unit is bad ,without being an expert, is by using a OBD scanner to read the trouble codes. Autozone or oreilly will read the codes for free. Here are some of the rav4 false solenoid codes that are related to the ecm failure P0750 P0753 P0755 P0758 and P1760. There may be other ways of diagnosing a possible defective ecm part number 89661-42822, and after reading the information from Ecm Outlet you should at least have a rudimentary knowledge of what should be done to fix your ecm if something goes wrong with it.
All 2001, 2002 and 2003 Rav4 ecm's eventually fail to shift the solenoids in the transmission properly. This will make your vehicle shift really hard between 2nd and 3rd gear.

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