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2002 sienna




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Sienna Ecm

The Sienna voltage regulator controls DC current flow direction and amount. It lets the proper amount of current flow into the car's ecm as needed to run electrical items and charge the battery and prevents undesirable current surges from flowing back into the ecm. Current surges could ruin the engine computer 89661-08070 or internal components.There are three basic types of voltage regulators: electromechanical, transistorized, and electronic. An electromechanical regulator uses breaker points and a voltage coil to control the current flow and amount. This type of regulator is adjustable, which means that when the sienna ecm 89661-08080 malfunctions it is possible to restore it to service with a screwdriver. NOTE: Do not attempt disassembly or adjustment unless you have a step-by-step reference manual. Don't mess around with the Sienna ecm unless you know what you are doing.The transistorized regulator uses transistors to control the current
flow and amount. Some ecu types have a screw adjustment, but most do not. Again, don't mess around with the ecu unless you know what you are doing. The ecm is complex and cannot be adjusted, and must be replaced with a new Sienna ecm when it malfunctions.

Sienna Troubleshooting

Sienna ecm troubleshooting. Everyone hates ecm problems. Mechanics hate ecm problems.
I hate ecm problems, even though someone else may be doing the work. It isn't that splicing a few wires together is so hard, or that replacing defective components is that tough. Everyone hates ecm problems because tracing out the source of the problem is such a real pain in the derriere. More often than not, the problem turns out to be an internal circuit that's either broken or grounded or shorted out somewhere in the 2002 Sienna 89661-08080. Or the problem may be corrosion. Electrical problems in ecm part number 89661-08070
are generally 90 percent diagnosis and 10 percent labor and