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Each ecu is different and mostly all Volvo engine computers will require immobilizer, VIDA programming. So please call us so that we can go over your options. In most cases you will be required to send us your faulty ecu so that we can read the program files. This will give us the information we need to program the new unit correctly. This way you will not have to go to the dealer.

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Volvo Engine Computer

If your Volvo ecm is no longer working properly you may need to have it rebuilt or replaced. We offer complete rebuild services on all Volvo engine computers starting at $375.00. Our turn around time is fast and we offer free overnight shipping within the U.S. Call us at 313-462-0124 or use our Volvo ecm order page to request an online quoteecm. If you're not sure about your ecm then we can offer a bench test to determine a malfunction within the Volvo control unit. All of our work is guaranteed with a two year warranty so if the unit fails for any reason within the two year period we'll replace it or rebuild it at no cost to you. To get started use this volvo ecu quote form.

A 100.00 programming fee will apply to all orders. Flash Programming is necessary on all Volvo engine computers.

2004 S60 ecm part number 0261207712 $475.00


2004 s60 ecm

Volvo Ecu And Ecm Rebuild

Common symptoms of a defective Volvo engine ecu: Volvo not running on any cylinder. Failed Volvo engine ecm. Misfiring. Injectors not firing correctly on s80 and v70 ecu. Volvo will not start due to short in harness. Low voltage, Battery will not hold a charge. Failed Volvo coils can damage ecm.

Volvo v70 ecm dies abruptly

Volvo ecu ecm

s80 ecm 1999 ecu1999 S80 part number 0261204559 375.00

plus $100.00 programming.